APCON to unveil mementoes for practitioners

As part of advertising practice mementoes, the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, APCON, has authorized the design and production of identification and promotional stickers for use by registered advertising practitioners. According to the council, the stickers are intended to enhance the visibility of advertising as a profession, encourage greater use of advertising as an effective tool for promoting brands and businesses and the exclusive engagement of advertising professionals (registered advertising practitioners) for all advertising-related services. “Advertising practitioners are encouraged to obtain copies of the stickers from APCON offices across Nigeria and to display them conspicuously on their vehicles, doors and other suitable surfaces where they will receive widespread public exposure. By so doing, you will be supporting the realization of the purpose of the stickers namely, generous publicity for the Advertising profession and marketing of Advertising practitioners (and elimination of incidences of quackery),” a statement from the regulator stated. The stickers are in four different variants/concepts and are issued at the cost of N1,000 (one thousand naira) each. The council reserves exclusive copyright for the stickers and requests practitioners to patronise the stickers and proudly display them so as to achieve the intended purpose.